G-Eazy Loves Our Custom Pool Floats

In June 2017, G-Eazy joined Stillhouse Whiskey as a partner and creative director. G-Eazy has said in past interviews that he loved the unique color red that represented Stillhouse Whiskey. He spoke about what attracted him to the aesthetic of the unique Stillhouse Whiskey can.  “When you look at that bar what stands out? What that expresses is so much bigger than the whiskey itself because the identity of it is being an outsider and an outlier.

stillhouse moonshine lounger inflatables

That’s been my story my entire life, never fully fitting in anywhere, learning to embrace that and finding confidence in standing out.” G-Eazy continued to say in his interview, “It’s innovative, it’s forward thinking and that’s just aesthetically and visually one thing I’ve always tried to do within my brand.”

When Stillhouse Whiskey reached out to Custom Pool Floats it wasn’t a surprise: they recognized that we too believe in innovative thinking. We created a perfect replica of the Stillhouse Whiskey can so that not only whiskey lovers, but also G-Eazy fans, can enjoy lounging poolside on a large, comfortable, beautiful pool float.

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